Dresden plate could be worth up to $300


Q: What's the origin and value of my 9 1/4 -inch diameter decorative plate with a deep blue and gold border? At its center is a three-quarter length multicolored image of a young peasant woman in old-fashioned dress, leaning against a horse which has baskets strapped to it. The scene's title, "The Milkmaiden," and "Greuze" appear on the plate's front. An indecipherable mark and the words "Dresden China" are on the back.

A: Your circa-1920 to -1930 china plate mass-produced in Dresden, Germany, could retail for up to $300 if in good condition, according to dealer Marvin Baer, of the Ivory Tower Antiques, 38 Oak St., Ridgewood, N.J. 07450, (201) 670-6191. The central image, transfer-printed from a decal, faithfully copies a famous painting by French artist Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725-1805), which hangs in the Louvre Museum, in Paris. The mark likely is of an unknown decorator, not the pottery which made the blank plates for decoration outside the factory.

Q: What's the value of my 12-inch-high green glass vase covered in silver with a stylized flower design? It's unsigned and in perfect condition.

A: Your circa-1900 Art Nouveau vase is worth around $800 to $1,200, according to glass dealer Vincent Rocco, of Vincent Rocco Antiques, Manhattan Arts & Antiques Center Gallery 46, 1050 Second Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022, (212) 223-0858. Few vases like yours are marked since glass houses usually supplied blanks to silversmiths who added the decoration (called overlay) and then retailed them. Sometimes the silver overlay is marked. Green-colored vases like yours are less desirable and harder to sell than cranberry-colored ones, Mr. Rocco noted.

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