Residents to be consulted about trees


Residents of a tree-lined section of Westminster's Pennsylvania Avenue will have a chance to tell the State Highway Administration whether they want the trees preserved or replaced.

The West Main Street-Pennsylvania Avenue Task Force agreed Wednesday night to consult residents of 178-184 Pennsylvania Ave. on the fate of several large sycamore trees.

The task force is working with the SHA on plans to reconstruct Pennsylvania Avenue.

Construction workers will have to cut some tree roots to replace the curb, SHA representative Dan Ubersax told the task force.

He said the crews could build a protective "bubble" into the street, but residents would lose parking spaces in front of their homes.

Mr. Ubersax asked the task force for a decision on the trees by next month, so he and SHA can begin engineering work to have the project ready for bid by November.

Construction is to begin in the spring of 1995, but no construction money has yet been allocated for the West Main Street project.

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