At Calvert Hall, a coach with a big heart needs a new one


I saw a man in a golf cart tooling around the football practice field at Calvert Hall. What gives, I wondered? When did high school coaches go Big Ten?

"That was me," Larry Wineke reported the other day. Wineke is the 6-foot-3, 280-pound teacher and assistant football coach at Calvert Hall, and it turned out he had good reason for the golf cart. He's on the waiting list for a heart transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

"I'm a large guy who needs a large heart," he says. "I'm 40 years ZTC old and I turn 41 in February. I want to live to see my sons grow up. I'm not a celebrity, but I'm being treated like one. Family, friends, people at Calvert Hall . . . how they've helped me out. God is looking down on me."

Wineke's medical insurance will not cover transplant-related costs, estimated to be $150,000 and beyond. So, over the last year or so, friends have come forward to help.

There was a fund-raiser dance at the volunteer fire hall in Arbutus (organized by Wineke's friend, Larry Schockney). Someone came through with the golf cart so Wineke could keep coaching. All proceeds from the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Championship Playoffs (at Calvert Hall, Nov. 20 and 21) will go to the Wineke Heart Fund. And on Dec. 5 -- a fund-raiser gala like you wouldn't believe!

The Larry King, talkmeister and heart attack survivor, agreed to be host for the main event at the Knott Center, and among celebrities expected to attend -- that Larry King, he knows everybody -- are heavyweights Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, CNN anchorman Bernard Shaw, Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, Jim Palmer, Mike Flanagan . . . the list goes on, but I can't.

For information about tickets -- they run 10,5p5,7,6p from $25 to $150 -- call Bud Clark -- he's the brains behind this spectacle -- at Leeds Federal Savings & Loan, 242-0532.

Speaking of good deeds . . . the Baltimore Spirit will donate $1 from every ticket to its Nov. 19 home game with the Harrisburg Heat to James Beck, the Baltimore County police officer wounded last month. Beck remains in stable but critical condition at University.

Type-A anchorman

So who is this Keith Cate, the crispy new, clean-cut guy with the strong, two-syllable name on Channel 2's 6 p.m. newscast? Where did he come from, Anchorman Planet? And where does this leave Stan "Smooth" Stovall?

Until last month, Smooth was anchoring the 5 o'clock with Mary Beth, the 6 o'clock with Beverly, and the 11 o'clock with Mary Beth again. All of which made him some kind of amazing Uberanchormensch. Plus, Smooth has a life. He has a wife and two kids, the last one born just a couple of weeks ago. Plus, he's still pumping iron to maintain his very ungirlie-man figure.

So Smooth must have welcomed Keith Cate's entrance. Cate, who started anchoring Channel 2's weekend newscasts in July, assumed the 6 o'clock duties in October, giving Stovallovertheplace a break. "Stan has been very supportive," Cate says.

We are told from the press release that this Cate is a "seasoned journalist," which is a title usually reserved for guys with liver spots on "60 Minutes," not some shiny-bright with good hair. Turns out Cate has been around the block a few times -- and quickly, too.

After graduating from East Tennessee State, he was a reporter and eventually anchor at WKPT in the Kingsport-Bristol-Johnson City market of Tennessee. He served five years at WBNS, Columbus, Ohio, as a reporter and weekend anchor, traveling to, among other places, Russia (for a series on orphans in Moscow) and Spain (for World Expo '92). On top of that, Cate and his wife, Paula, have three children -- Christopher, now 12, Kevin, 10, and Elizabeth, 6. And the man is only 30! We're talking Type-A personality here. Another Uberanchormensch!

Imported rocker

Ingmar Burger, our Remington correspondent, writes: "You know the 98 Rock commercial with the fat kid prancing around on the sidewalk? I figured he was from South Baltimore or maybe even Highlandtown. Well, I called the station to find out who he was, and it turns out he's from Chicago, his name is Cuz and his commercial travels around the country, with him doing this schtick for any station that will pay. Doesn't WIYY know that there are plenty of fat guys willing to sell out right here in Charm City?"

White Tower days

Attention White Tower lovers -- employees and customers -- wake up and smell the coffee! A fellow at the Baltimore City Life Museums wants your memories of the good old days when Baltimoreans bought burgers by the bag. (I just love random acts of alliteration.) Scott Fuqua is working on an oral-history project, trying to assemble a real homer's sense of what life was like in Charm City through the middle part of the 20th century. City Life Museums saved the old White Tower that used to stand on North Howard Street, and the joint be will reconstructed as part of a new exhibit, due to open in 1995, along Museum Row. If you were a waitress or a loyal customer of The Tower in the Fifties, give Fuqua a ring on 396-1149.

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