The United Nations appeared to make no headway in its attempts to negotiate the release of two Croats seized in central Bosnia by Serbs from a U.N. armored vehicle Monday. The Muslim-led government halted an evacuation of Serbs from SARAJEVO in apparent retaliation for the kidnappings. Almost 300 of the 642 scheduled evacuees remain in the city.

Bosnia's Muslim-led government said there was no point reviving peace talks unless mediators stopped presenting "ultimatums" to accept partition based on Bosnian Serb conquests.

In BELGRADE, Yugoslavia devalued the dinar to a tiny fraction of its already grossly inflated previous worth. A dollar is worth 700,000 dinars now, compared to 9,400 dinars earlier. The government also shut down all private banks and exchange bureaus until Jan. 3, blaming bankers for boosting inflation.

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