Bosnian Serb soldiers seized two Croats from a U.N. armored vehicle when they left SARAJEVO on a peace mission to a central Bosnian war zone.

Four buses of the first major evacuation convoy since May began leaving SARAJEVO with Serb women, children and elderly men going to BELGRADE, capital of Serb-dominated Yugoslavia. A U.N. officer said 642 Serb civilians were being evacuated in stages.

In a shift that could reflect shifting European sentiment, Germany and France sought to revive Bosnian peace talks by proposing that U.N. sanctions be lifted from Yugoslavia if Serbs make territorial concessions to Muslims. The two also urged their European Community partners to back plans for aid corridors protected by troops in Bosnia this winter.

U.N. sources in BIHAC said the Bosnian army seems to have reached a tacit standoff with the rebel Muslims who declared autonomy last month. Both sides are trying to avoid further Muslim-on-Muslim violence, the sources said. The rebels have been pushed into the northernmost corner of the enclave and now control about a third of the pocket.

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