Perot charges plot to kill him over his opposition to NAFTA


TAMPA, Fla. -- Two days before his scheduled debate with Vice President Al Gore, Ross Perot declared yesterday that he had been told he was the target of a "carefully planned plot" to assassinate him because of his opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Appearing at a fairgrounds complex near Tampa, Mr. Perot said that a police officer had told him yesterday morning that the FBI had received allegations that "six Cubans" were planning to "take him out."

The assassination was to be carried out either during yesterday's rally in Tampa or during "the debate in Washington," tomorrow, he said. At another point, Mr. Perot said he had been told that the plot had been hatched by a "Mafia-like group in favor of NAFTA because of the huge drug profits they could make shipping drugs from Mexico to the United States."

A Justice Department official in Washington confirmed that the FBI office in Los Angeles had received an anonymous tip Saturday night. It was relayed by a man in Albuquerque, N.M., who said he was calling on behalf of another man.

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