Calvert Hall, Loyola get stadium OK


The annual Calvert Hall-Loyola football game will take place as scheduled at Memorial Stadium on Thanksgiving Day, thanks to some juggling by state Sen. American Joe Miedusiewski and Morgan Creek Productions owner Jim Robinson.

The game, entering its 76th year, was in jeopardy of being moved because the stadium is under contract until December for filming of Morgan Creek's "Major League II." That was before Miedusiewski, a 1967 Calvert Hall graduate, appealed to Robinson's hometown sensibilities.

"I called Jim last Friday and talked to him about the game's tradition. Jim's a Baltimore native who grew up in Dundalk, so he was really empathetic," said Miedusiewski, who got an answer at 6:30 last night.

"They're not filming on Thanksgiving Day, so as soon as the production crew is wrapped on Wednesday, they're going to pack everything up."

It didn't hurt that Miedusiewski is a member of the state's film commission, which he established in 1979. "I could empathize on both sides," he said.

Reached at home last night, Calvert Hall coach Bill Mackley was ecstatic.

"I'm just so glad American Joe stepped in when he did," Mackley said. "It's great."

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