'Jug handle' intersection under study

Gov. William Donald Schaefer has promised Carroll Commissioner Elmer C. Lippy that state transportation officials are re-evaluating plans to build a "jug-handle" intersection at Meadow Branch Road/Royer Road and Route 140.

Mr. Lippy wrote to the governor in September and said the jug handle idea was confusing and more dangerous than erecting a traffic light at the intersection.


Governor Schaefer said in his Nov. 1 response that Secretary of Transportation O. James Lighthizer and State Highway Administrator Hal Kassoff would discuss the intersection at a Nov. 15 meeting in Westminster.

The transportation officials are scheduled to meet with county commissioners that day at the County Office Building for an annual meeting on county transportation issues.



* Westminster: A New Oxford, Pa., resident who was at the Westminster post office Monday told police someone broke the windshield of his car. He estimated the damage at $500.

An East Green Street resident reported to police someone stole personal property from his car Sunday. The car was parked near his house and the loss is estimated at $220.

An official of Little George's convenience store on Pennsylvania Avenue told police someone stole frozen foods valued at $14 on Thursday.

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