Sykesville commission unable to make quorum Only two of six members attend meeting


The Sykesville Planning Commission could take no action on its agenda last night because only two of the six members attended the meeting.

"This is unusual," said Councilman Jonathan Herman, who also is a commission member. "It's probably the first time in two years that we haven't had a quorum."

The commission may turn a traffic workshop on Nov. 10 into a regular meeting to address several developers' concerns introduced last night.

Members may be able to take action on final approval for sections four and five of Hawk Ridge Farms. The county has approved record plats for 50 more homes in the development north of town. All that awaits the start of construction is the town Planning Commission chairman's signature on those plats.

Mr. Herman said because the developer had satisfied all town conditions, he sees no problem with approval. He said he would send the information to absent members, and said he hoped Dennis Karr, the commission chairman, could sign the approved plats this week.

Ann Marie Osinga, the only other commission member in attendance last night, said, "Something has to be done. We can't keep people out of work."

Cindy Hitt, the town attorney, said, "Members who are not here can listen to the tape of tonight's proceedings and review the conditions."

The commission also reviewed revised concept plans for sections six through nine of Hawk Ridge. The developer's new engineer, Bob Bradley, said the number of lots had been decreased from 96 to 89.

"We made all the lots larger to accommodate the town's concerns for grading," said Mr. Bradley, of MRA Inc. of Towson. "We paid particular attention to grading and drainage so as not to incorporate any previous problems."

Homeowners in the development had complained repeatedly of flooding and poor drainage until their problems were addressed.

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