Luxor -- splendor on the Strip


Just when you thought Las Vegas couldn't get any more unbelievable, along comes the Luxor hotel-casino resort.

What's so incredible about it? For starters, the building is a 30-story, bronze pyramid with a Sphinx outside and 2,526 rooms inside. And:

* Nine Boeing 747s could be stacked in Luxor's atrium, said to be the world's largest at 29 million cubic feet. The resort itself occupies 47 acres on the Strip.

* Luxor's "Beam of Light," called the most powerful in the world, shines straight from the top of the pyramid. Its 40-billion candlepower makes it visible at cruising altitude from Los Angeles, about 250 miles away, on a clear night. At 10 miles into space, you could read a newspaper by the beam's light.

* Five Olympic-size swimming pools of water fill Luxor's River Nile, whose length is five times the height of the 350-foot pyramid.

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