If you have a mortgage at NationsBank,...


If you have a mortgage at NationsBank, you should call your friendly banker and tell him you want the Charlotte deal.

NationsBank apparently restructured the debt to make the Charlotte deal work and is going to subsidize losses. Even Leonard "Boogie" Weinglass (who'll be on the CBS-TV pre-game show today) said he would have voted for Charlotte as long as it has a bank to guarantee it.

As Rankin Smith, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, said: "They have a good bank." This is a new era in which having a bank is the criterion to getting a pro football team. George Halas wouldn't have believed it.

Anyway, maybe NationsBank should have a Charlotte program in which you have to pay only half your mortgage every month.

The irony of all this may be that NationsBank will use some of the profits it makes in Baltimore to subsidize its team in Charlotte.

Because it also has to buy any of the 12,000 Premium Seat Licenses that aren't sold, maybe it can even offer Baltimore fans tickets in Charlotte if they open an account.

Now that would be a promotion.

Dallas (-10 1/2 ) at Philadelphia -- Troy Aikman said last week the players have become prostitutes to the owners to make money. Because he wants a $5 million deal, you can argue he has put a high price on himself.

* Take Dallas * Final score: Cowboys 24, Eagles 7

Kansas City (-1) at Miami -- This is Don Shula's week to try to tie George Halas' victory record. Trying to do it against Joe Montana won't be a walk in the park.

* Take Kansas City * Final score: Chiefs 21, Dolphins 17

Chicago at Green Bay (-6 1/2 ) -- Is Dave Wannstedt going to teach his players they shouldn't try to run punts out of the end zone?

* Take Green Bay * Final score: Packers 28, Bears 14

New York Jets at New York Giants (-6 1/2 ) -- Shouldn't the NFL figure a way to have these two clubs meet every year?

* Take the Giants * Final score: Giants 27, Jets 10

Tampa Bay at Atlanta (9 1/2 ) -- When does the bidding start for the Tampa Bay franchise?

* Take Atlanta * Final score: Falcons 23, Buccaneers 14

New England at Indianapolis (-7) -- How many fans are going to show up in Indy for this classic?

* Take Indianapolis * Final score: Colts 27, Patriots 14

Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco (-13) -- Because Carroll Rosenbloom left Baltimore, wouldn't it be ironic for Georgia to return?

* Take San Francisco * Final score: 49ers 31, Rams 12

New Orleans (-3) at Phoenix -- The Cardinals can only beat the Redskins.

* Take New Orleans * Final score: Saints 28, Cardinals 14

Seattle at Denver (-9) -- Do the Broncos miss Dan Reeves?

* Take Denver * Final score: Broncos 24, Seahawks 10

San Diego at Los Angeles Raiders (-4) -- Hey, Al, I always knocked you for moving from Oakland, but if you want to move to Baltimore, well, now that's another story.

* Take the Raiders * Final score: Raiders 24, Chargers 12

Detroit at Minnesota (-4) -- In the battle for the rushing title, Barry Sanders is chasing Emmitt Smith in the race that counts -- the paycheck derby.

* Take Minnesota * Final score: Vikings 23, Lions 12

Washington at Buffalo (-9) -- Only one of these teams is still super.

* Take Buffalo * Final score: Bills 35, Redskins 10

Byes: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Houston (David Williams can spend the weekend with his family) and Cincinnati

Best bets: Saints, Packers, Cowboys and Giants.

Last week's record: 6-4. Against the spread: 4-6. Best bets: 2-2.

Season record: 64-26. Against the spread: 48-41-1. Best bets: 16-16.

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