25 Years Ago (Week of Oct. 20-26,...


25 Years Ago (Week of Oct. 20-26, 1968):

* Representatives of Finland's public school system visited Glenwood Middle School to observe Howard County's new state-of-the art school building and learn about the teaching methods used.

* Store-front windows in three of Ellicott City's Main Street businesses (an antique shop, a laundromat and a restaurant) were broken; a Baltimore County youth was picked up and questioned by police regarding the incident.

50 Years Ago (Week of Oct. 24-30, 1943):

* The B&O; railroad completed renovation of the Ellicott City railroad station, renowned for being the first terminus of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

* War Fund Drive workers canvassed Howard County for donations to meet the county's ambitious quota of $17,500. The nationwide quota for the drive was $25 million.

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