25 Years Ago* Mrs. Harry E. Reese,...


25 Years Ago

* Mrs. Harry E. Reese, Jr., of Westminster, has been appointed general chairwoman of the Carroll County Heart Association Fund Drive by Dr. John S. Harshey, president. Mrs. Reese serves on the board of directors of the Carroll County Heart Association and is chairwoman of its year-round Public Education and Community Service Committee. Mrs. Reese is also a member of the choir of the Westminster Church of the Brethren. She practices her church-rooted philosophy of not waiting to be asked but says "What can I do?" -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 3, 1968.

50 Years Ago

* Miss Carol Graham, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Graham, Hampstead, is the first Carroll County WAVE to receive a Petty Officer rating. Yeoman Graham is a graduate of Hampstead High School. -- Democratic Advocate, Sept. 24, 1943.

100 Years Ago

* The home of Mrs. Margaret E. Englar, at New Windsor, was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Wednesday afternoon last. The contracting parties were Mr. R. Smith Snader, son of Mr. Philip Snader, a prominent farmer in this community, and Miss Emma L. Englar, daughter of Mrs. Margaret E. Englar, of New Windsor. It was a few minutes after two o'clock when Mrs. John Smelser, of New Windsor, first struck the familiar chords of Mendelssohn's march, and only a few strains were necessary to put expectation in the faces of the many friends who had assembled to witness the ceremony. At 4:45, Mr. and Mrs. Snader left for an extended trip to the World's Fair and other noted points of interest in the North and East. -- American Sentinel, Sept. 30, 1893.

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