25 Years Ago* The Army is scheduled...


25 Years Ago

* The Army is scheduled to turn over to the Maryland National Guard tomorrow its fourth missile site for the protection of the Baltimore-Washington area. The missiles at Davidsonville will substitute for the site near the Bay Bridge that was closed several weeks ago. -- The Sun, Nov. 1, 1968.

* Public busing for Anne Arundel County private and parochial school children went down to its second defeat yesterday by an unofficial 6,451-vote margin. It had been defeated by a 6,000-vote margin on its first try four years ago. -- The Sun, Nov. 5, 1968.

* Anne Arundel County's executive Joseph W. Alton, Jr. announced today that he will ask the County Council to meet a potential $1,700,000 deficit for fiscal year 1968 by shuffling general fund revenues and doubling the county's bingo tax. -- The Sun, Nov. 27, 1968.

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