Around the house* Make a spooky light...


Around the house

* Make a spooky light for trick-or-treaters. Paint a metal vegetable grater with black paint and place it over a votive candle. Also, illuminate the front porch area with a few candles that have been stuck into apples and tiny pumpkins. Carve a small hole in the top of the fruit to insert candle.

* Need an instant pair of horns for a costume? Cut two fingers from an old rubber kitchen glove. Stuff them with cotton, then paint them.

* Lubricate and adjust the garage door.

* When a fireplace isn't in use, close fireplace dampers, so room heat does not escape up the chimney.

* Apply a heavy coat of paste wax to a clean wall in back of kitchen stove. Subsequent grease spots will be easily removed with a dry paper towel.

* A spritz of hair spray will remove felt-tip marker stains from hands.

* Conserve water. Wash full loads of laundry and dishes. Use a basin for hand washing rather than allowing the water to run. Use shorter dishwasher cycle if dishes aren't heavily soiled.

In the garden

* Water dogwoods, broadleaf evergreens and newly planted trees thoroughly before ground freezes.

* Protect small plants, including perennials, cuttings and bulbs, from frost heave by mulching.

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