Little fiddle Will Ted Danson's name come...


Little fiddle Will Ted Danson's name come up? Jay Leno's satirical style makes it seem likely, as the "Tonight Show" host joins Whoopi Goldberg as co-host tonight of the annual presidential gala at Ford's Theatre in Washington.

President Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, are guests of honor at the "Festival at Ford's," to be taped for airing in late November on ABC television.

Ms. Goldberg has been under fire for helping her boyfriend, Mr. Danson, perform a blackface routine earlier this month at the Friars Club in New York.

Argentine judge lets Madonna perform

Although her first concert was rained out last night, Madonna will perform her "Girlie Tour" concert in Buenos Aires tomorrow, after an Argentine judge turned down a request from religious leaders to bar her show as sacrilegious.

Daniel Grinbank, Madonna's local impresario, told reporters yesterday the judge dismissed the request after reviewing pictures and videos of Madonna's sex-charged performances.

Spanish suburb wants Lenin's body

Lenin may be unwelcome in Moscow these days, but residents of a suburb of Madrid, Spain, say they would be glad to have his embalmed cadaver as a tourist attraction.

Russian diplomats promised the Neighborhood Association of Parla that if the body of the father of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution leaves Russia, Parla "will be the first to know," association spokesman Florencio Aguado said yesterday.

Russian government officials have proposed moving Lenin's body out of Red Square, probably to a plot next to his mother's grave in St. Petersburg.

Japan's empress is back in public

Although still unable to speak, Japan's Empress Michiko has begun a cautious return to public life, one week after suffering an apparent nervous breakdown.

The empress collapsed while preparing for ceremonies marking her 59th birthday on Oct. 20. But she joined her husband, Emperor Akihito, yesterday at two palace receptions and ZTC attended a performance of classical court music.


Movie director Louis Malle is 61. Movie director Claude Lelouch is 56. Rock singer Grace Slick is 54. Actor Henry Winkler is 48. Actor Harry Hamlin is 42.

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