THIS JUST IN from Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard...


THIS JUST IN from Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard pre-med students got an unexpected lesson in anatomy, when three naked men believed to be from Princeton streaked through their chemistry classes.

"It was stress relief," said Jeff A. Ferrell, a freshman. "It's a pretty tense class most of the time."

The three interrupted two classes Monday morning, running down the aisles of the lecture halls and shouting "Go Tigers!" and "Go Princeton!" according to The Harvard Crimson student newspaper.

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ART LINKLETTER was right: Kids do say the darndest things -- and he thought that even before drug education was stepped up in the schools.

A member of The Evening Sun editorial staff was impressed recently by how early the public schools introduce drug education to children these days. Even before kids can read, they're being versed on the dangers of drugs.

It's understandable; drugs are too pervasive to justify postponing the lessons until health class in the eighth grade.

With hand puppets and other media, the schools are hoping to make an impression on young minds long before the kids are old enough to face-down their first temptation with mind-altering substances in the schoolyard.

It would seem the effort could only be a positive influence on them.

Still, it was a little disconcerting for our colleague to hear from his wife that his 6-year-old son had confided in her that maybe somebody should warn Dad about the perils of drinking beer.

Even richer was the boy's summation while watching the World Series on TV recently and learning that the wad inside ballplayer Lenny Dykstra's cheek was chewing tobacco: "Maybe he never had a drug unit in school?"

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