Carroll may adopt strict water protection


Carroll County may be ready to adopt one of the strictest water protection laws in Maryland by June, three years after county personnel had hoped to have an ordinance ready for action by the commissioners.

Catherine M. Rappe, chief of the county water resource management bureau, outlined a timetable for the water resources protection ordinance yesterday.

She said she hopes reviews and public hearings can be completed by June.

The draft ordinance will be reviewed by state, county and town governments; the county planning and economic development commissions; outside interest groups; and the public.

The law will bar residential or commercial development on sites identified as potential community water wells. It will limit storage or use of substances that could contaminate ground water in areas of major water-bearing rock. It also will require buffers to reduce runoff into surface water supply streams.

County officials had hoped to have an ordinance ready for the commissioners to consider in 1991.

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