New development post is county's first in 2 years


Carroll County's Office of Economic Development should have a new business development representative by the end of the year, the first county position to be created in about two years.

The position, approved by the county commissioners a couple of weeks ago, was announced at the monthly Economic Development Commission meeting this week. Jimmie Saylor, Carroll's personnel director, said she expects the $27,000- to $28,000-a-year job to be filled by the end of the year.

County Commissioner Elmer C. Lippy said he and the other commissioners approved the position primarily because the Economic Development Commission's strategic plan recommended it. The commissioners approved the plan in June.

"It would ill-behoove us to ignore their recommendations," Mr. Lippy said, noting that the EDC had spent months developing a plan to guide Carroll's future economic growth.

County Administrative Assistant Robert A. Bair said the new employee will work with new and expanding businesses.

"Eileen [Shields, the EDC's marketing manager] is focusing on the resident businesses and working with them to ascertain if they have any problems and determine any assistance they may need," Mr. Bair said. "This new position will focus on financing for existing or new businesses."

The representative also will free EDC Administrator William E. Jenne to attend meetings, oversee marketing efforts and work with Carroll County towns on economic development, Mr. Bair said.

"Bill [Jenne] will be taking more of a leadership role in the office," he said. "From Bill's and my perspective, we needed more efficient delivery of services with the advent of the [strategic] plan and the obvious interest of the towns in economic development."

Town and city representatives at the recent town-county conference said they want more input in county economic development decisions that affect their areas. They also asked to be kept informed of developments.

Applicants for the new job should have a bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing, economics or a related area, and have about three years of economic development experience, the job description says.

An equivalent combination of education and work experience would be acceptable.

The job will be advertised within the county government and in newspapers, she said.

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