The Florida Times-UnionFirst, there's anger.Charlotte! Anybody but...

The Florida Times-Union

First, there's anger.


Charlotte! Anybody but Charlotte!

Then there's disbelief.


November 30! They're not going to announce the second NFL expansion winner till November 30? A month from now? Do these guys have any idea what they're doing?

Then there's relief.

Well, at least they didn't eliminate us.

Then it's back to anger mixed with resignation.

That's it. Throw in the towel. The point is too obvious. They're waiting so long to announce the second winner only so they can confirm that St. Louis' new ownership -- the one they announced just two days ago -- has as much money as it says it does.

There is no other viable reason why the NFL is delaying so long. The league has every relevant bit of information on every city but St. Louis. It's added every number, checked every figure, studied every graph and chart except for St. Louis' new group. . . . The old ball game is over.

Finito. Sayonara. Roll the credits.

Tim McDonald


The Commercial Appeal

They didn't get much of an answer, and so they didn't have much of a reaction. When the estimated 5,000 gathered at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium Tuesday night heard NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue tell Memphis to wait a while longer to learn if it will get an expansion team, most just left quietly.

There was scant booing and jeering after Tagliabue was heard crackling through the public address system. Those at the public "NFL Watch" party at the Liberty Bowl were divided about whether the announcement was a positive or negative development.

"I think on November 30 Memphis is going to get the team," said Corry Morton of Memphis. "Everybody just needs to be patient. It's not over."

Mike DeCourcy



This is the NFL, where they make up the rules as they go along. And now they were doing it again. Go ahead, make us squirm some more. See if maybe we were willing to get on our bellies and slither to the league offices in New York to plead for a team.

Baltimore and St. Louis had their original teams hijacked in the 1980s. These two proud victims, recovering from the blow, rose again to commit 100 percent of the funding for publicly financed stadiums. Tuesday night, we found out that we were really no closer to returning to the NFL. We must endure another round of torture.

Congratulations to Charlotte for realizing a dream.

And now our nightmare continues.

And in fairness to the NFL, most of this could have been avoided. The recent chaos in St. Louis had to befuddle the owners. Had we established our ownership group sooner, we'd probably be celebrating the arrival of an expansion team. In this sense, the league probably did St. Louis a favor, providing more time.

For now, we're still in the race. The finish line, this time, was only a mirage. We are more dizzy than ever.


Bernie Miklasz

The Charlotte Observer

Welcome to the Carolinas, Joe Montana.

Welcome, Don Shula and Barry Sanders and Bruce Smith and Art Monk.

And you misty figures from the past, Papa Bear Halas and Vince Lombardi and Chuck Bednarik and Art Rooney and Y.A. Tittle and Red Grange and Max McGee and John Unitas with your high-top shoes.

Welcome, Broadway Joe Namath and Terry Bradshaw and Purple People Eaters and Steel Curtain and Ice Bowl and Super Bowl and the Immaculate Reception and Clint Longley.


You made the right choice when you picked us. Your game, with all of its rich history and all of its excitement and pageantry, will be treated well here. Promise.

Ron Green