Lounge fined for not serving 5 black men

Jack's Place, a Severn lounge and restaurant, was fined $1,000 Wednesday and lost its liquor license for 30 days for refusing to serve five black men.

But the lounge will continue to serve patrons until an appeal is heard in county Circuit Court.


The county liquor board issued the penalty Wednesday after five black men testified that three Asian employees turned them away Sept. 20.

But Anne Arundel Circuit Judge Warren Duckett issued a stay yesterday after Gary R. Maslan, a lawyer for lounge manager Ok Cha Murphy, filed an appeal. An appeal date has not been set.


At a hearing Tuesday night, the five men told the liquor board that Ms. Murphy and two employees had refused to serve them. The men then complained of racial discrimination to county police.

Ms. Murphy and Mr. Maslan blamed the incident on a "misunderstanding" because of the woman's poor English.

No one answered the telephone at the lounge yesterday. Mr. Maslan didn't return a reporter's telephone call.

A liquor board hearing has been set for next month to transfer the liquor license to John W. Steffey, who will become one of the business' operating managers.