Last-minute costume requests have this seamstress in stitches


"From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggety beasties, and things that go bump in the night, good Lord, deliver us!"

This traditional Cornish prayer may be the most heartfelt one I've said since grade school pop quizzes ("Please don't let us have a pop quiz today, and I'll be perfect forever!") It's not that I'm particularly afraid of real goblins. I'm just afraid of the last-minute requests for costumes.

This year, I thought I'd have a break. Because Halloween falls on Sunday, I thought I'd have all of Saturday to sew. Silly me, nothing ever works out that well. The Halloween outfits must be ready by today so the kids can march in the school parade and the adults go to evening parties.

So here I am, groggy with lack of sleep, making costumes for the children and for various adults who cannot sew. I don't know what it is about amateur seamstresses. We get asked -- and foolishly agree -- to make the most complex things. No one ever asks the amateur plumber to install a new sink shaped like a spouting frog!


The new members of Laurel Woods Elementary Student Council will hold their first meeting at 8:30 a.m. today. President Freddy Newberger, Vice President Sarah Blackwell and Secretary Stephanie Zurvalec plan to get off to a roaring start. Ms. Blackwell has invited her cousin, Mississippi state Sen. Robert Smith, to the meeting so he can answer questions about how to run a legislative body. Sounds like the new student council will be in good hands.


If your children go to Bollman Bridge or to Laurel Woods elementary schools, you're bound to have heard some new teachers' names. Well, it is true that Laurel Woods welcomed a lot of new staff members this year, but a lot of the unfamiliar names belong to Towson State University student teachers.

Both Howard County elementary schools have an arrangement with Towson, which places student teachers in the schools for six weeks or so. Then, the student teachers switch schools and classes, going from teaching at lower grades at Bollman Bridge to upper elementary grades at Laurel Woods, and vice versa.

It's a win-win situation for those involved. The teachers get a little help at the beginning of the year when the children are unsettled, the children get more attention, and the student teachers get an opportunity to exercise their techniques.


Laurel Woods Elementary welcomed new staff members this fall (all of whom now act like old hands). The following teachers and staff members may be new to you, but they already are an important part of the school team: Stephanie Keenan, Robin Woolaver, Lisa Carrasco, Tracey Hanks, Nancy Gifford, Choya Franklin, Susan Frydrych, Rudy Cooper, Roy Ockun, Jan Carbury, Michelle Hunter, Ruth Layne, Karen Wallace, Beth Storch and Sally Farrell.


The Carroll Baldwin Memorial Institute, the official owners of Carroll Baldwin Hall, have more than raised the $3,000 dollars required to get a $70,000 grant to fix the hall's roof and ceiling. The members thank all who bought Savage history videotapes and pins. Thanks also go to P. William and Vera Filby, the Savage Community Association, GWC Builders, the Savage Volunteer Fire Company, Bobbie Fairall and Alice Baldwin for their generous support. Contact Cathy Whitehead at (301) 776-9691 for a copy of the videotape of Savage.


Speaking of Carroll Baldwin Hall, do you have any old hall memorabilia languishing in your closets? Do you have photographs, commemorative plates, records, materials or just plain stuff that came out of the hall? Give it all a new lease on life, and give yourself room in the attic. Call Cathy Whitehead at (301)776-9691. As president of the Memorial Institute she will gladly take these items off your hands.


Here it is, five months after Savage Fest, only seven until the next one, and it's time to begin planning it already.

The organizers are looking for comments about how to make the festival more enjoyable. It's an awful lot of work for the volunteers involved, but what makes it worthwhile is the fun everyone has at it.

So help the crew out a bit, and give them some feedback!

Last year's crew included Bill Waff (Savage Community Association president), Corinne Arnold (who doesn't seem to need sleep, ever), Sharon Spicher, Warren Williams, Paul Burunkhorst, Bobbie Fairall (who runs line dancing classes in Carroll Baldwin Hall on Wednesday nights), Mary Stoner, Dianne Banner, Gary Cardinal, Cathy Whitehead, Alice Baldwin, Ellen Waff, Frank Spicher, Jane and Lorenzo Soto, Carolyn Adami (who runs an Easter egg hunt for kids in Savage Park), Elizabeth and Dale Fixsen, and Jan Arnold, who will always be known as the "Purple Mail Lady."

These are our neighbors and friends who work so hard to make the two days fun, so let's let them know that we appreciate them. Send your comments to SCA, P.O. box 222, Savage, Md. 20763.


In case you missed Wednesday night's meeting about the closed ramp from Route 32 east, here's who you can call to express an opinion: County Council Chairwoman Shane Pendergrass, (410) 313-2001; County Traffic Engineering Department, Ron Lepson, (410)313-2414; State District Engineer Gene Straub, 1-(800) 635-5119; or Bill Waff, president of the Savage Community Association, (301) 725-1089.


I love this time of year: I get to feast at church fund-raisers every week. On Nov. 6, the Savage United Methodist Church will serve a ham and oyster supper. Adult portions are $9, and portions for children under 12 are $4.50. Stop by the church at Baltimore and Foundry streets any time after 3 p.m., or follow your nose and the line of cars.


The Savage branch of the Howard County Library offers "Just for Me," a five-week storytelling session for 3- to 5-year-olds.

Registration is going on now for the two available sessions. Sign your preschooler up for Tuesday sessions, from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., or Wednesday sessions, from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Children must be 3 years old by Tuesday to participate. Call (410) 880-5978 for more information.

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