REMEMBER when the Maryland Chamber of Commerce...


REMEMBER when the Maryland Chamber of Commerce used to gather for its annual convention -- on the farther side of the Mason and Dixon Line, at the Bedford Springs Hotel in Pennsylvania? The implication being that nowhere in Maryland was there a spa up to convention-goer standards. How we bystanders groaned.

So, next week some 500 members of the Pennsylvania Bar Association will be assembling for four days of work and fun. Where? By the Patapsco waterside, at the Stouffer Harborplace Inn, some distance from Pennsylvania.

* * *

SOMETHING happened to Paul Molitor at age 35. His lifetime batting average went up.

Often a pennant-hungry baseball team acquires a heavy hitter on the way down hoping in vain for one last big year.

Then there is Paul Molitor.

He was Toronto's strategy for replacing last year's World Champions with new blood. At age 37, in his first Toronto season after 15 with the Milwaukee Brewers, he went 12 for 24 in the World Series, scored 10 runs and drove in 8, played a little first base and a little third, flawlessly, to be the Series' most valuable player.

He's an unassuming, normally built, middle-sized sort of fellow who would never stand out in a crowd.

Too bad Paul Molitor and Joe Carter, who hit the Series-winning homer, weren't candidates for the Canadian House of Commons. They would have been sure winners in Monday's election.

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