* Jiri Hajek, 80, the Czechoslovakian foreign...


* Jiri Hajek, 80, the Czechoslovakian foreign minister during the country's ill-fated 1968 "Prague Spring" liberalization period, died Friday.

* Frank J. Del Giudice, 77, an industrial designer who helped create many standard features on passenger airplanes, including cabin lights and overhead compartments, died Oct. 17 of a heart attack in Seattle.

* Michael L. Cipriano, 33, a display designer whose work was shown at Macy's, Bloomingdale's and Barneys, died of complications from AIDS Oct. 8 in Manhattan.

* Apulinario Souza Paiva, a 105-year-old medicine man with extensive knowledge of the healing properties of Amazon rain forest plants, died Oct. 17 in Monte Cristo. Mr. Paiva, whose father also was a Munduruku Indian medicine man, devoted his life to religious ritual and the study and use of rain forest plants in healing.

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