Eat out so that AIDS victims can eat in

Whoever thought you could have grilled pork chops at Regi's, cheese fondue at Gampy's or chocolate cream pie at Mick's -- and still feel virtuous?

Well, tonight you can if you eat at these restaurants -- or one of 39 others in the area. Participating restaurants are donating 20 percent from their dinner bills to Moveable Feast, a meal delivery program for homebound AIDS patients.


Dining Out for Life, as the event is called, raised $12,000 in 1992, the first year it was held. The fund-raiser allowed the organization to increase service from three to five times a week.

A staff of five feeds 106 people a day in the Baltimore area. Last year, more than 15,000 meals were served, and the organization is expanding into Howard County next month, says event co-chair Bryan Stark.


"It's such an easy way to help, especially if you're concerned about AIDS," he says. "You get to feel good about eating out that evening, and it doesn't cost you a thing."

Some restaurants have volunteered to do even more than their share.

The Mt. Vernon Stable & Saloon is donating 50 percent of its proceeds, and the wait staff is giving half of its tips to the cause.

"AIDS has hit this neighborhood pretty hard," says Tom Nolte, manager of the restaurant. "This is our way of giving back something to a community that gives to us all year long."

For more information, call (410) 243-4604.