Schaefer says Baltimore won't sue, won't give up


Gov. William Donald Schaefer was in a blue funk yesterday, hanging his head in his hands throughout the morning's weekly Board of Public Works meeting.

The day after Baltimore learned a decision on its NFL expansion bid would be put on hold until Nov. 30, the governor even wore a tie appropriate for the occasion: The brightly colored pattern, set against a dark blue background, featured cartoon-like exclamations: "!"

An aide said the tie selection was no coincidence.

As he ended the meeting, the governor turned to state treasurer Lucille Maurer and said that Tuesday was "the most frustrating and sad day" he has had.

Asked if the Baltimore delegation will consider legal action, Mr. Schaefer said: "We have no plan on suing. We have no plan on buying another ballclub [from another city]."

Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke, who also attended Tuesday's NFL meetings in Chicago, said, "I was a little surprised the owners didn't spend more time trying to name a second city. We're going to stay in touch with people [in the NFL]. We don't know what may have troubled them about our package. We need to find out."

Mr. Schaefer agreed. "We have to find out what the situation was, if there were problems," he said. "Certainly they didn't tell us of any."

Asked if he has given up, Schaefer said, "Oh, no, no."

"I'm not exactly the happiest man in the world," he said. "There was nothing else we could have done. We did everything necessary we could have done and more."

He seemed to understand the selection of Charlotte, calling the area "an expanding opportunity, one of the largest markets of the future."

Then he said: "The agony carries on for another 30 or 33 days. The main thing is for us not to give up and our disappointment not to show too clearly."

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