Judge asked to reverse bingo license decision


The owners of a Brooklyn Park bingo hall are asking a judge to reverse a county administrative decision denying them a license to operate.

Leonard J. Buchheit of Brooklyn Park and John James Snead Jr. of Glen Burnie filed an appeal in Circuit Court yesterday seeking to reverse the county Board of Appeals decision to deny them a license to operate 49er Bingo.

The two men had asked the county Board of Appeals in April to renew the hall's operating permit, after county licensing officials returned their application package without considering it.

In 1989, Mr. Buchheit purchased an interest in the bingo hall, located in a residential neighborhood on Church Street, and the two men began efforts to renew the bingo hall license. Mr. Snead had held an interest in the property for several years before that.

But county officials have maintained that 49er Bingo's license lapsed in 1989 and that after that, there was no license to renew.

County officials say the owners will have to compete with other would-be bingo operators for the county's sixth and final bingo license.

Anne Arundel County is the only jurisdiction in the nation outside of Indian reservations that allows for-profit bingo.

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