Four arrested at Hopkins lab protest Group targets weapons research


Four protesters carrying signs that read "We need health care, not weapons," were arrested yesterday morning after blocking the entrance of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab near Columbia, Howard County police said.

Charged with trespassing were: Richard John Ochs, 55, of the 1400 block of Gorsuch Road in Baltimore; Daniel H. Sicken, 52, of the 700 block of Round Lake Road in Luck, Wis.; George Michael Ostensen, 39, of the first block of S. Washington St. in Baltimore; and Elizabeth McAlister, 53, of the 1900 block of Park Ave. in Baltimore.

The protesters were four of about 14 demonstrators who blocked the entrance of the APL building at 8 a.m. yesterday.

Howard County police arrived at the scene to disperse the group, and all but four protesters agreed to leave.

Police say the physics lab, south of the intersection of U.S 29 and Route 32, has been a frequent target of groups opposed to the defense research work done there.

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