Barefoot defendant gets 3 years Jail last resort after he refused aid


Stephen C. Lamm was sentenced yesterday to three years in prison -- for breaking into a house he claims he owns -- by a Circuit Court judge who said that he had searched for ways to help him and decided that the best alternative was jail.

Judge Eugene M. Lerner convicted Lamm Sept. 14 of breaking into a home in the 1200 block of Rogers Road, after a bizarre trial in which the defendant appeared in court barefoot, represented himself and cursed at the prosecutor.

County detention center officials say they have provided the 30-year-old defendant with shower sandals, but he declines to wear them to court.

Still barefoot yesterday, Lamm promised to leave the state if he was released.

"Just let me go and I won't cause anyone any problems," Lamm said.

But Judge Lerner said he was reluctant to free Lamm because of his courtroom behavior.

In previous court appearances, Lamm has fired two public defenders, cursed at three state's attorneys, rambled pointlessly when he testified, leered openly at female court clerks and sworn loudly at judges.

Judge Lerner said that since Lamm's conviction in September, he tried to find him a bed at a state psychiatric hospital, but psychiatrists determined that Lamm was not willing to accept treatment.

Dr. Thomas J. Oglesby, chief medical officer for the Baltimore Circuit Court, said in a report to Judge Lerner that Lamm is uncooperative with medical personnel and refuses to be treated.

His report concludes that the best alternative is a state prison.

"I have tried to help you. I can't tell you how many people I've spoken to on your behalf," the judge said yesterday.

Assistant State's Attorney Warren W. Davis III also said that evaluations by Crownsville State Hospital therapists have repeatedly found Lamm competent to stand trial.

Because of that finding, Lamm must agree to enter an insanity plea in order to be treated at a state psychiatric hospital, and he refuses to do that, Mr. Davis said.

Lamm was convicted last year of breaking into a home, also in the 1200 block of Rogers Road, on Dec. 5, 1991.

Judge Bruce C. Williams sentenced him to 18 months' probation on Oct. 5, 1992.

When he was released, Lamm went back to the same neighborhood in Edgewater.

The victim of the first break-in spotted him and phoned the police, according to testimony yesterday.

The victim of the second break-in testified that he saw Lamm walking along a road near his home Oct. 6, 1992, and called police when he saw Lamm enter a neighbor's house that was being renovated and had been left unlocked.

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