Cyclists ride up mountain, into marriage


PHOENIX -- Lynne Wieland and Jim Pekuri made sure they had a wedding to remember by blending traditional ritual with modern lifestyle.

"It was perfect," the bride said yesterday after the ceremony. "I wanted to be a traditional bride, not just wear a white jersey. Jim looked so handsome in his tux, I keep looking at him and thinking, 'Man, I just married him, yahoo!' "

Although the ceremony itself was traditional, everything else was unusual.

The couple exchanged wedding vows after riding their bicycles seven miles to the top of South Mountain Park, where they met a year ago while riding the same bikes.

The bride was attired in white lace encrusted with seed pearls and a large bow at the waist in back. But instead of a skirt, she wore white biking shorts and sported a blue garter on one leg. A white veil attached to her helmet flew in the breeze as she rode up the mountain, and a bouquet of rosebuds adorned the handlebars.

The groom wore a tuxedo jacket, cummerbund, white shirt, black tie and black biking shorts.

The couple were joined in their trip up the mountain by the minister and about 75 guests.

"I was so honored that everyone would do this for us," the bride said. "I saw all these people waiting to ride up the mountain with us and, well, everything was just perfect."

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