School: Eighth-grader at New Windsor Middle School.Honored...


School: Eighth-grader at New Windsor Middle School.

Honored for: Scoring 1108 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test she took as a seventh-grader last year, as part of the "talent search" by the Center for Talented Youth at the Johns Hopkins University.

"That's better than I did," said Principal Jeff Kimble, referring to his own experience as a high school junior taking the test. The top score possible is 1600 -- or 800 each on the verbal and math portions.

"We took it for a lark, to see how she would do," said Mrs. Vigeveno.

For her score, Heather won a scholarship to take one course at Western Maryland College within the next two years. She said she plans to wait until she is older to take advantage of the scholarship.

Goals: Heather plans to attend college, but isn't leaning toward any one career. She enjoys reading Agatha Christie murder zTC mysteries and collecting old coins. One of her favorite subjects this year is Spanish.

Comments: "I think it's mostly the reading I do," said Heather in attributing her performance on the test. She said the SAT is much like the Maryland Functional Tests.

Rather than studying, she applied her general knowledge to the test questions. "You see how well you can do things and whether you can function in the world."

Heather has participated in the Carroll County Schools Extended Enrichment Program.

If she could do something to make school more challenging, she said, she would "probably have students pick what they wanted to do in their classes."

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