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Gwen Welles

Screen actress

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Gwen Welles, 42, a screen actress best known for her role in the 1975 movie "Nashville," in which she played an aspiring country singer, died of cancer Oct. 13 at her home here.

She began her film career in 1971 in "A Safe Place," directed by Henry Jaglom. She acted in "Hit" (1973); "California Split" (1974), directed by Robert Altman, and Altman's "Nashville."

Her other films include "Between the Lines" (1977), "Nobody's Fool" (1986), "Sticky Fingers" (1988), "New Year's Day" (1990) and "Eating." Ms. Welles also appears in Mr. Jaglom's yet-to-be-released "Lucky Ducks."

Yolanda Serrano, 45, a pioneer in organizing the distribution of free needles and syringes to prevent the spread of the AIDS virus, died Thursday of cancer in New York.

John Bowles, 76, a former president of the Rexall Drug Co. who was honored by President Eisenhower, died Wednesday of cancer in Solvang, Calif.

Clemma Adele Hewitt, 53, he first person to receive an unproven gene therapy approved by the federal government on a "compassionate use" basis, died Wednesday of brain cancer in La Mesa, Calif.

Abraham J. Gellis, 84, former president of Isaac Gellis Inc., whose kosher meats have been a staple at delicatessens for more than a century, died after a long illness Oct. 17 at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.

Tamara Dembo, 91, a psychologist who developed a method to study anger in social situations, died Oct. 17 at Memorial Hospital in Worcester, Mass. She did important early work in Gestalt psychology in the United States, particularly in rehabilitation psychology. She developed a method to provoke anger in the subjects of experiments and developed a theory, in keeping with the Gestalt school, that the onset of anger depends more on situations than personality.

Dr. Francis W. McCarthy, 80, a scientist and teacher who helped develop a device that jammed German radar during the June 6, 1944, invasion of Normandy, died Oct. 17 of complications following heart surgery in Dedham, Mass.

Charles E. Westcott, 61, former chairman of the National Kidney Foundation, died Oct. 17 after suffering a heart attack in Boston.

Jose Rene Ruiz Martinez, 61, a comic actor and dancer best known as "Tun Tun," died Oct. 16 after two heart attacks #F following surgery for intestinal blockage in Mexico City. He was a dwarf who appeared in 74 films, often with Mexican comic German Valdes, known as "Tin Tan." Mr. Ruiz appeared on Broadway in the musical "Saratoga." He also appeared on Ed Sullivan's variety show. His Spanish-language films included "El Rey del Barrio," "Ventarron," "Amor de la Calle," "Bajo un Volcan," and "Los Olvidados."

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