Ed-die, Ed-diePeter Angelos, Johnny Oates, Cal Ripken...

Ed-die, Ed-die

Peter Angelos, Johnny Oates, Cal Ripken -- and the fans of the Baltimore Orioles. Sounds good.


Peter Angelos, Johnny Oates, Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray taking aim at the right-field warehouse wall -- and the fans of the Baltimore Orioles. Sounds even better.

Sign Eddie (.285 average, 27 homers, 100 RBI for the New York Mets), Mr. Angelos. Then we can start to talk about bringing a world championship back to Baltimore.


Mel Tansill


Rehire Cal Sr.

I think fans should send petitions to Peter Angelos to rehire Cal Ripken Sr. as the Orioles' third-base coach. Ripken brings knowledge and stability to the position and had been and would be again, an asset to the organization. He's been sorely missed.

Cal Ripken, Sr. is a real pro in the true sense of the word and his leaving had to have a negative effect on Cal Jr. Although we suspected that Bill would be traded, the one constant in the Orioles organization should have been Cal Sr. Fans should insist upon his return.

Rachel Uber


5/8 It is good to see that I am not alone in believing the Orioles should bring back Rick Sutcliffe next year.


Oh sure, he was 10-10 with an ERA over 5.00 this year (with injury). But also keep in mind his 166 innings are only 1 2/3 less than All-Star Mike Mussina logged.

His real contributions, however, come not from the 10 victories (although they help) but in what he has done for the pitchers around him, especially Ben McDonald.

We all know the McDonald story, million-dollar arm bringing the 95-mph fastball. However, that was it. That big hanging curve that he used to compliment it with, found its way out of the park more than anyone else two years ago. I'm sure everybody remembers that. Even early last season, Ben was still struggling.

Then, however, something changed for him. He started mixing it up. Different release points, arm angles, that wicked curve that doesn't move a whole lot, but starts out about chest high and then drops inside to right-handed hitters. Throwing a lot like Sutcliffe, but with the punishing fastball.

Of course, Sutcliffe wasn't always a junkballer. Rick once had the explosive fastball Ben is blessed with, it is however a few years removed. Suddenly Ben finds himself among the league leaders in ERA, and the .228 that opposing batters hit against him is fourth only behind Cone, Appier and Johnson. Coincidence? Absolutely not. Would it have happened without Rick? Possibly, but who knows?

But with Big Ben running on time now, why keep Sutcliffe around? Well, who was the name that kept coming up around the trading deadline, the player the Orioles would not give up for Fred McGriff. Arthur Rhodes. And if Sutcliffe can help turn young Arthur into a left-handed McDonald. . .


I hope the new management has enough sense to listen to the players, coaches, fans, broadcasters and anyone else with an opinion and bring Sutcliffe back in 1994.

Daniel Reed


Free Shaq to play

It would be virtually impossible to prevent Shaquille O'Neal from scoring for Team USA in next summer's world basketball championships, but the Pepsi-Cola Co. has assured us of this already.

In a particular example of corporate reasoning, they have decided that his appearance in this tournament would reduce his value as a spokesman for their products and have prohibited his participation.


Thanks, guys, from sports fans throughout the country. Appreciate your patriotic attitude.

Our feelings can best be expressed at the cash register. It's the only language they understand. It may be a small thing, but it's a "Real Thing."

Sig Seidenman

Owings Mills