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The Sun today introduces a redesigned and expanded Real Estate section. Our new section provides buyers, sellers, homeowners and tenants more practical information on the real estate market.

The news and feature content of the section has grown by about 25 percent and includes several new features: snapshots of new homes, profiles of neighborhoods, listings of individual home sales, graphics of market trends, and answers to your questions about buying, selling, financing and improving your home.

There is also a column for renters, and another for first-time homebuyers. And a regular look inside the homes of Baltimore-area families to see what makes them special.

The mortgage chart -- which lists mortgage rates for dozens of area banks and savings and loans -- has been redesigned to be easier to read. For each lender, the chart provides figures for a 30-year and 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, as well as figures for a 1-year adjustable mortgage. The new format makes it easier to compare mortgage rates between lenders.

The Sun wants to hear what you think about our new Real Estate section.

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