75 Years Ago* Tomorrow has been set...


75 Years Ago

* Tomorrow has been set for the taking of a moving picture titled a "Mile of Smiles" to be shown later to the soldiers in the trenches in France. The assembly will be on the northwest side of State Circle in Annapolis. Both public and private school children will be there as well as the St. John's College corps of cadets, the regiment of midshipmen at their dinner formation, as well as Governor Harrington and other officials. The idea originated with the management of the Baltimore Morning and Evening Sun. -- The Sun, Nov. 8, 1918.

* A parade review by the 22,000 men of the LaFayette Division was held today at Camp Meade in Anne Arundel County. Immediately after the review there was a great rush for the trains as 50 percent of the camp was given leave. Tomorrow there will be a memorial mass for the war dead to be led by Cardinal Gibbons. -- The Sun, Nov. 10, 1918.

* From early morning until late at night, the ringing of church and fire bells celebrated the coming of peace culminating in a huge parade in Annapolis headed by a full complement of the Naval Academy band, the St. John's College corps of cadets and scores of civic delegations and hundreds of citizens. The all-day festivities became a torchlight procession at night with the use of brooms as torches. -- The Sun, Nov. 12, 1918.

* During the war, the soldiers at Camp Meade have been taught to practice conservation regarding food and the use of coal for heat. The Army does get its food at a cost far below that of the average citizen. The ration allowance at present per man is approximately 50 cents a day or nearly 17 cents a meal. In 1897, the cost was 13 cents a day or 4 cents a meal. -- The Sun, Nov. 1918.

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