Somalian rivals may goad each other into fighting


MOGADISHU, Somalia -- United Nations officials are concerned at signs of disputes between the rival Somalian factions that share control of the capital and fear that a clash may be increasingly likely.

Renewed tensions between the forces of Gen. Mohamed Farah Aidid and Ali Mahdi Mohamed are a growing threat to peace efforts being pressed by the United States and the United Nations, the officials say.

U.N. representatives have urged each faction to avoid steps that might provoke the other to violence. But the officials say it has become clear that hard-liners remain dominant among General Aidid's faction, and that Mr. Ali Mahdi's forces may risk a conflict in the hope of enlisting the United Nations once again in fighting their longtime rival.

A potential flash point is a demonstration that Mr. Ali Mahdi has called for tomorrow involving a march into General Aidid's territory.

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