World Series wipes out competitors


It ain't over 'til it's over -- and either tonight or tomorrow night, it'll be over for this amazing roller coaster of a World Series. Game 6 is the place to be tonight, and the other networks know it: They're offering virtually no competition.

* "World Series Game 6" (8 p.m.-conclusion, WBAL-Channel 11) -- What can be said, with certainty, about tonight's game between the Phillies and Blue Jays? One, that Toronto has a 3-2 lead over Philadelphia in this best-of-seven contest, as well as the home-field advantage for the remainder of the series. Two, there will be no rain delay, since the game is played indoors. Three, Game 6 will not be dull. CBS.

* "Saturday Night Live" (11:30 p.m.-1 a.m., WMAR-Channel 2) -- Here's one for the older crowd -- people like myself. John Malkovich is the guest host, and Billy Joel is the musical guest. NBC.

* "Halloween Jam II" (1:30-3 a.m., WJLA-Channel 7) -- Elvira (Cassandra Petersen) will be the host for this late-night, one-week-early Halloween concert, with the highlight of which should be an appearance by Meat Loaf, whose "Bat Out of Hell II" album just topped Billboard's album chart.


* "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (7-9 p.m., COM) -- VCR Alert: A cliffhanger on "MST3K"? Yes, and it's a doozy. Joel Hodgson, who created this movie-mocking series and has starred as its captive audience ever since, escapes from the Satellite of Love tonight and finds his way back to Earth. Head writer Michael J. Nelson, whose Mike character facilitated Joel's "release" from this series, is poised to take over next week, watching bad movies with Crow and the other robots. To this show's fans, this may be the biggest on-air changing of the TV guard since Diana Rigg left "The Avengers," and they'll want in to catch Joel's parting words. Everyone else should tune in simply to watch how skillfully, in his swan song, Hodgson skewers this week's movie, "Mitchell," starring Joe Don Baker and Linda Evans.

* "Surf Nazis Must Die" (3-5 a.m., USA) -- Not as good as it sounds, which is a truly frightening thought.

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