Panel continues to narrow list of police commissioner hopefuls


The list of 84 applicants for the job of Baltimore police commissioner was narrowed this week to 25 names -- and that number will be cut in half by the end of next week as a special

committee works to produce a list of final candidates.

Hubert Williams -- the former Newark, N.J., police chief who is overseeing the search -- said yesterday that he will be verifying the resumes of the candidates in preparation for the committee's next meeting on Tuesday.

"Obviously, we want to be sure that the jobs these people have held in the past are comparable to the position of police commissioner in a city the size of Baltimore," he said. "That's one of the first qualifications.

"We also want to make sure that the people we're thinking of flying in here to be interviewed from thousands of miles away are suitable candidates before we ask the city to spend the money to bring them here."

Citing secrecy rules set down by Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke, Mr. Williams refused again to say how many applications he has received from within the Baltimore Police Department or to discuss the qualifications of any of the candidates for the $91,000-a-year job.

That information, he said, will not be made available until a final list of about five prospects is submitted to the mayor in the next few weeks -- and then only if Mr. Schmoke deems it so.

Clinton R. Coleman, the mayor's spokesman, said yesterday that Mr. Schmoke intends to do just that.

"When the list is final, the names will be made available," he said.

The new chief will replace Commissioner Edward V. Woods, who will step down Nov. 1.

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