Suspected ATM robber shot by off-duty police officer


A man with a sawed-off shotgun whom police suspect of robbing at least six people at ATMs in West Baltimore was shot and wounded yesterday when he picked the wrong victim -- an off-duty city police officer.

Officer Neyland Vaughn Jr., 24, of the Central District was making a cash withdrawal about 1:45 a.m. at a Signet Bank ATM in the 1900 block of Bloomingdale Road when a gunman approached, police said.

The robber pointed a shotgun at the officer -- who was in street clothes -- and demanded the $60 he had just withdrawn, police said. The robber also demanded the officer's bank card.

Officer Vaughn gave the robber the cash and the card, police said, but when the robber lowered his guard and began to turn to walk away, the officer pulled out his 9 mm service pistol and fired several shots.

The injured robber -- hit in the right shoulder and right thigh -- dropped his shotgun and jacket and ran through a nearby alley, police said. Officer Vaughn let the man go and called for help.

Investigators searched the robber's coat and found a driver's license and a bank card that had recently been stolen in another armed robbery at an ATM, police said.

Detectives showed the driver's license to Officer Vaughn, and he recognized the picture as that of the robber, police said.

Police went to a house in the 2400 block of Chelsea Terrace and arrested Dewayne Boyer, 30, who was hiding under a mattress in the basement. He was treated at St. Agnes Hospital and released.

Mr. Boyer was charged with armed robbery and possession of a deadly weapon in the robbery of Officer Vaughn; charges in the other robberies were pending, police said.

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