McDonald's choice of 'Wayne's World' panned

Gary Bostic says he's no prude, but he draws the line at Wayne and Garth in the Mount Airy McDonald's.

For the past two weeks, Mr. Bostic has been boycotting his neighborhood McDonald's, ever since he found out that the fast-food chain plans to include the movie "Wayne's World," in a holiday promotion.


"McDonald's is the largest family restaurant in the world," said Mr. Bostic, 40, of Mount Airy. "I think if you have values and say you're a family restaurant, you need to offer family values, and I don't see any connection there."

Mr. Bostic, who hasn't seen "Wayne's World," said he's heard that the movie contains excessive profanity and sexual scenes.


"I reckon the bottom line is that it puts the message across that it's OK and normal for teen-agers [to engage in sex]."

"Wayne's World," one of the top money-making movies of 1992, chronicles the adventures of Wayne and Garth, two metal-heads who broadcast a public access television show from their suburban basement.

Jane Hulbert, a spokeswoman at McDonald's corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., said that she is not aware of any complaints against the video promotion, scheduled to begin after Thanksgiving.

With the purchase of a certain McDonald's meal, customers will be able to buy selected videos at a discount, Ms. Hulbert said.

In addition to "Wayne's World," videos included in the promotion are "Charlotte's Web," "The Addams Family" and "Ghost."

"Our customers told us they wanted a variety of films," she said. "We reviewed a lot of different titles and found that 'Wayne's World' was one of the most popular among adults and young adults."

Mr. Bostic learned of the McDonald's promotion at a meeting of the Mount Airy Baptist Church men's prayer group.

He said the church's pastor, Michael Trammell, told the group about an article in the October issue of the American Family Association Journal denouncing the promotion. Mr. Trammell could not be reached for comment.


The American Family Association is a Mississippi-based Christian watchdog group, founded by Donald E. Wildmon.

The article's headline reads "McDonald's throws support behind teen-age promiscuity, profanity, irresponsible behavior."

It urges association members to call their local McDonald's to express concern over the video.

"Suggest to the manager that if McDonald's does not care about the values or want the business of concerned parents and individuals, there are other places to eat," the article states.

Mr. Bostic said he wrote to the Mount Airy McDonald's expressing his concern about the video.

Since then, he hasn't patronized the restaurant. Before learning of the video promotion, Mr. Bostic said he went to McDonald's two or three times a week with his wife and three daughters, who are 13, 3 and 2.


"I'm having my own little personal protest," Mr. Bostic said. "It's one thing to be in a video store and choose to rent it ['Wayne's World']," he said.

"It's another thing to have McDonald's with their draw and the way they promote themselves as a family restaurant to promote a movie that has no family values at all."