At GettysburgYour editorial, "Gettysburg's Missing Monument," (Sept....


At Gettysburg

Your editorial, "Gettysburg's Missing Monument," (Sept. 26) states: "You can search the entire Civil War battlefield at Gettysburg, Pa., just north of the Mason-Dixon Line, and find not a single monument to the 3,500 men and boys from Maryland who fought in that storied three-day struggle."

Your anonymous editorial writer is ill informed. He or she should visit the battlefield and look at the several Union monuments there dedicated as: "Maryland's tribute to her loyal sons" as well as the monument to the Confederate Marylanders. Considering the modest contribution Maryland made to the battle she is well represented.

Starting from Route 95 up toward Culp's Hill (where the Maryland troops were engaged on the Union and the Confederate sides) you will find, just past Spangler's Spring, the monument to: "1ST MD REGIMENT POTOMAC HOME BRIGADE VOL INFANTRY, COL WM. P. MAULSBY, LOCKWOOD'S INDEPENDENT BRIGADE." . . .

A little farther up the hill on Slocum's Avenue, also on your right, you come to the monument dedicated to: "3d MARYLAND INFTY., COL. JOSEPH M. SUDSBURG 1ST BRIG. 1ST DIV. 12TH CORPS." . . .

Farther up the hill is a handsome monument with the Maryland Seal on its front and the inscription: "1ST MD. CHANGED TO 2ND MD. INFANTRY C.S.A." . . .

Near the top of Culp's Hill, slightly back from the road, is an elegant monument showing, in relief, a reclining, alert soldier looking over the breastwork on which his musket rests. The inscription on the front reads: "1ST REGIMENT EASTERN SHORE MARYLAND VOL. INFANTRY, COL. JAS. WALLACE, LOCKWOOD'S INDEPENDENT REG. 12TH CORPS" . . .

It is interesting to note that the three Union monuments all carry the inscription: "MARYLAND'S TRIBUTE TO HER LOYAL SONS." On their monument the Confederate sons of the state are not honored with such a statement of loyalty. . . .

A lot of history on a few monuments! Other Maryland forces were at the battle in the cavalry and the artillery. I have not found any monument dedicated to them.

Since these events took place 130 years ago, the urgency of the projected October, 1994 unveiling of the new monument escapes me, unless our governor wants another thing to put his name on before he is retired.

Jorgen Jensen


Coast Guard

Edward B. Glick's Oct. 7 Opinion * Commentary article, "Reform the Service Academies", is timely and has much merit. However, may I point out the following facts?

The Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy at Annapolis and the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs are all arms of the Defense Department and may justifiably be grouped together.

They are, as implied by Professor Glick, military establishments in the true sense of the word.

The United States Coast Guard is not a part of the Defense Department but is within the purview of the Department of Transportation.

The Coast Guard Academy, in New London, Conn., has as its primary purpose the training of officers for defense of life, the defense of environment, safe movement of persons and goods on the high seas, the interdiction of aliens and contraband and the education of our boating public in all matters of safety.

It only becomes a military group in time of war.

The required courses at the Coast Guard Academy include not only the sciences and academics, but also American foreign policy, Western political theory, the humanities in world literature, economics, maritime law -- a full, useful curriculum.

Everything Professor Glick wants is available at the Coast Guard Academy.

Let that be the birthplace of the future academy he spelled out.

Murph Hyman


Female Truman

Regarding the story, "In veiled language, GOP leaders prod Bentley," we all know the GOP has the best shot with Rep. Helen Bentley.

I hope the lady decides to run.

She said she will come out swinging and we can be sure of that. This colorful, hard working, tell-it-like-it-is politician will make us a great governor.

The lady is a female Harry Truman. So, Helen, tell us, "Hell, yes, I'll run."

Bob Townsley


Clinton Should Tax Meat

The Oct. 6 report from the Harvard University School of Medicine showing a high correlation between incidence of prostate cancer and consumption of animal fat and meat should alert the Clinton administration to an uncommon opportunity to improve the nation's health while raising revenues for medical care reforms a tax on meat consumption.

Following a five-year survey of 48,000 men, Harvard researchers found that those who ate meat five or more times per week were 2.6 times as likely to suffer from prostate cancer as those who ate meat once a week or less. Prostate cancer follows lung cancer as a leading cause of cancer deaths among men, with 32,000 deaths per year.

Yet prostate cancer is but one of the chronic "killer" diseases that have been linked conclusively with consumption of animal fat and meat in dozens of earlier studies.

Others include heart disease, stroke, cancers of the colon and other digestive organs, cancers of the breast and other genital and urinary organs, liver and kidney failure and diabetes.

Collectively, these diseases account for 1.44 million or two-thirds of all U.S. deaths each year.

A tax on meat would lead to reduced consumption and improved public health, saving perhaps $200 billion in medical costs and lost productivity.

Reduced consumption would help preserve for future generations the topsoil and ground water that are radically depleted in growing animal forage and feed crops.

It would lower the amount of pesticide- and fertilizer-laden runoff from pastures and feed croplands that is devasting our lakes and streams.

It would decrease the number of farm animals which are crowded, deprived, medicated, mutilated and manhandled in U.S. "factory farms" and the number of wildlife exterminated by "predator control programs" and destruction of forests and other habitats.

The revenue raised by the meat tax would help the Clinton administration to pay for universal medical care coverage.

A small portion could be returned to the meat industry for retraining its workers to engage in socially useful occupations.

Alex Hershaft


These Killers Deserve to Die

It has been 32 years since Maryland has carried out a death sentence.

Now, there's the issue of John Thanos, and the controversy surrounding him is totally ridiculous. Here we have a killer who wants to die, and the defense attorneys, churches and American Civil Liberties Union want his life spared. They continue to pull all the strings to rescue him.

The defense attorneys are getting rich on the taxpayers. Enough is enough. There is no doubt what Thanos did, yet some people feel sorry for him.

He's a vicious, evil killer who deserves to die. His third victim, a 19-year-old boy, could not even be identified because of being blown away so badly. Let's think about the victims.

I have the pleasure of knowing the parents of Thanos' victims only because we share the same pain.

On Nov. 1, 1987 we lost our only daughter Dawn, a newlywed who lived in the White Marsh area. Dawn was held hostage, tortured, sexually abused for some three hours before being executed by convicted killer Steven H. Oken.

Dawn was the first of three innocent women to lose their lives. Oken also murdered his sister-in-law Patricia Hirt and Lori Ward, a motel clerk in Maine. There would have been a fourth, but someone came to her rescue.

Steven Oken received the "death sentence" for murdering Dawn. He now sits on death row in Maryland State Penitentiary.

Since his January, 1991 trial, he has used taxpayers' money to apply for three appeals.

The first appeal was an automatic appeal for receiving a death RTC sentence. The second appeal was that he felt nine of his rights were violated. In the third appeal, he states that his trial lawyer was incompetent. All of these appeals are being undertaken at the taxpayers' expense.

Please, taxpayers, get angry and start complaining and take action now. Call the governor and legislators. Voice your opinion. Let them know you are fed up with your money being wasted.

It can start with Thanos. Call your elected officials now and demand justice to be served. Remember, we vote our officials into office, and 1994 is an election year.

As you know crime is out of control, and we need to send a message to murderers who have already killed and to future killers. Life without parole means never getting out and death means death.

We need to realize gun control is not going to work. The criminals are not going to turn in their guns. Killers also use knives to kill. We absolutely need criminal control.

Betty Romano

Bel Air

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