Familiar faces get on-screen career make-overs


While staying in TV character seems to be the thing this season, other actors have made role reversals, at least in their on-screen careers. Maybe they all had midlife crises at the same time:

* Most downwardly mobile: Peter Onorati, who was both sweet and sexy as a divorce lawyer on "Civil Wars," now is a laid-off aerospace worker in "Joe's Life." Stuck at home doing the Mr. Mom thing, he seemed much happier when his collar was white rather than blue.

"Joe's Life" is this season's refuge for the suddenly downscale: Mimi Kennedy, the snooty wife of the rich manufacturer in "Homefront," is on board as a waitress.

* Leaping around: Scott Bakula was the sci-fi adventurer of "Quantum Leap." He'll need all those wits dealing with the treacherous world of network news now that he's joined "FYI," the "Murphy Brown" newsmagazine.

* Still in the dark: John Larroquette played "Night Court's" resident lecherous lawyer, Dan Fielding, for years. This season, though, he's got a new gig, but still on the night shift: On "The John Larroquette Show," he plays the night manager of a bus station in St. Louis.

The entire "Night Court" gang seems to have shifted careers: Judge Harry Anderson is now humor columnist Dave Barry in "Dave's World." Markie Post went from lawyer to congressional aide on "Hearts Afire." Bailiff Marsha Warfield has become a doctor's assistant on "Empty Nest."

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