Upsets mark conclusion of Fall Series

Upsets were the order of the day at the Annapolis Yacht Club's Fall Series last weekend.

In one upset, Chuck O'Malley and his team on Rude Awakening took first in the MORC race -- and the series -- with a two-second win over Bob Muller and crew on Stingray.


With previous class leader Mirage, sailed by the Lewis/Salvesen Syndicate, falling to ninth in the final race after aces in the first two, if Muller had saved his time and beaten O'Malley, Muller would have won the series with a score of 7.75 to O'Malley's 8. Instead, O'Malley took the race and the series by 2.25 points.

On Saturday, O'Malley and crew also were first in the PHRF B class with bullets in the two races sailed.


Another upset occurred in the J/30 class, where the team of Charlie Scott, Charlie Smith and crew on No Magic were among six penalized for premature starts, falling to eighth despite aces in the first two races. The team has appealed the call, and the case will be heard tomorrow night.

The Saturday fleet of PHRF A-1, A-2 and B, IMS II and III, and the J/35s never got a race in, as light air shifted and faltered through the morning and early afternoon.

Sunday's fleet of MORC, PHRF C and the other cruising one-designs, including Alberg 30s, Cal 25s, J/24s, J/30s and Pearson 30s, had better luck, with the MORC, J/30 and Pearson 30 sailors completing a 10.2-mile windward-leeward course and the others sailing a three-legged 6.2-mile version.

The truncation of the Saturday fleet's series to two instead of three races was a a bad break for those wanting a final chance to win some close contests in the three-week series.

A third race might have changed the outcome in the J/35 class, where Tim Bowen and his Cheers crew slid into first on a tie-breaker over Jeff Todd and his Hot Toddy team. Each skipper had a first and a third to his credit, but Bowen's first in the second race to Todd's third gave the series to Bowen as the winner of the last race.

The lack of a third race may have helped Mark Fischer and his crew on True North hold onto first overall in the enormous PHRF A-B fleet.

AYC Fall Series

Saturday fleet


Final results

IMS fleet overall (27 entries): 1. Sugar Too, Brad Parker, Annapolis, 34 (4-2-DNC); 2. Fast Track, Yeigh/Jones, Annapolis, 35 (3-4-DNC); 3. Gaylark, Kaighn Smith, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 36.75 (8-1-DNC); 4. Jake, Sandy Morse, Annapolis, 37.75 (1-9-DNC); 5. Hilite, Leonard Eastman, Annapolis, 38 (5-5-DNC).

IMS II (14 entries): 1. Jake, Morse, 16.5 (1-1-DNC); 2. Crescendo, Stephen Hiltabidle, Annapolis, 22 (5-2-DNC); 3. Quintessence, Benjamin Michaelson Jr., Annapolis, 24 (3-6-DNC).

IMS III (13 entries): 1. Sugar Too, Parker, 18 (2-2-DNC); 2. Fast Track, Yeigh/Jones, 18.75 (1-4-DNC); 2. Gaylark, Smith, 19.75 (5-1-DNC).

PHRF fleet overall (68 entries): 1. True North, Mark Fischer, Ruxton, 77 (5-3-DNC); 2. Full Cry, Robert Crompton, Coatesville, Pa., 78.75 (9-1-DNC): 3. Merrythought, Jack King, Fairfax, Va., 81 (6-6-DNC); 4. BAM, G.N. Smernoff, Annandale, Va., 82 (11-2-DNC); 5. Rude Awakening, Chuck O'Malley, Annapolis, 83 (4-10- DNC); 6. Ramrod, Bert Jabin, Annapolis, 89 (11-9-DNC); 7. WOFTAM, James Michie, Arnold, 91 (15-7-DNC); 8. Freedom, Peter Schellie, Annapolis, 92 (8-15-DNC); 9. Sundog, Paul & Kathy Parks, Shady Side, 93 (19-5-DNC); 10. Flying Circus, Jervis Dorton, Columbia, 94 (7-18-DNC).

PHRF A-1 (20 entries): 1. True North, Fischer, 23.75 (1-2-DNC); 2. Full Cry, Crompton, 24.75 (3-1-DNC); 3. Merrythought, King, 28 (2-5-DNC); 4. Sundog, Parks, 33 (8-4-DNC); 5. Ramrod, Jabin, 33 (4-8-DNC).


PHRF A-2 (34 entries): 1. BAM, Smernoff, 40.75 (5-1-DNC); 2. Second Chance, Allen Lohaus, Columbia, 47 (9-3-DNC); 3. Think Fast, Al Holt, Annapolis, 47.75 (1-12-DNC); 4. White Lie,, Glenn Robbins, Severna Park, 51 (8-8-DNC); 5. Neato-Torpedo, Thomas French, Olney, (3-14-DNC); 6. Scamp, Frederic Corey, Edgewater, 53 (14-4-DNC).

PHRF B (14 entries): 1. Rude Awakening, O'Malley, 16.5 (1-1-DNC); 2. Freedom, Schellie, 20 (3-2-DNC); 3. Flying Circus, Dorton, 21 (2-4-DNC).

J/35 (8 entries): 1. Cheers, Tim Bowen, Bowie, 12.75 (3-1-DNC); 2. Hot Toddy, Jeff Todd, Annapolis, 12.75 (1-3-DNC); 3. Aunt Jean, F.N. Sagerholm, Ocean City, N.J., 16 (2-5-DNC).

Sunday fleet Provisional results

MORC (15 entries): 1. Rude Awakening, Chuck O'Malley, Annapolis, 6.75 (2-4-1); 2. Stingray, Robert Muller, Annapolis, 9 (4-3-2); 3. Mirage, Lewis/Salvesen, Annapolis/Columbia, 10.5 (1-1-9).

PHRF C (13 entries, protests pending): 1. Cold Duck, Schoolden/Wright, Baltimore, 5.5 (4-1-1); 2. Sails Call, Richard Baucom, Davidsonville, 5.75 (1-2-3); 3. Triple Dee III, Peter Driscoll, Beallsville, 10 (3-3-4); 4. Finnegan's Wake, Jack O'Brien, Pasadena, 10 (2-6-2).


Alberg 30 (6 entries): 1. Sundance, Nye/Evans Syndicate, Annapolis/Trappe, 4.5 (1-1-3); 2. Limerick, Pat Gorman, Annapolis, 9 (2-2-4); 3. Second-2-Nun, Harry Gamber, Alexandria, Va., 9 (3-4-2).

Cal 25 (7 entries): 1. Chicken Little, Charlie Husar, Annapolis, 4.5 (1-3-1); 2. Riders Up, Dave Wooldridge, Annapolis, 7.75 (4-1-3); 3. Jumpin' Jack Flash, John & Jack Niemczuk, Glen Burnie, 10 (3-2-5).

J/30 (24 entries, protest pending): 1. no respect, Harrison Syndicate, Chester, 18 (11-2-5); 2. Gunsmoke, Michael McGuirk, Bel Air, 21 (3-11-7); 3. Sea Biscuit, Dorsey Owings, Millington, 22 (7-4-11); 4. Blue Moon, Jim Ellis, Arnold, 22.75 (15-7-1); 5. Irish Wake, Jack & Foree Biddle, Annapolis, 23 (4-13-6).

J/24 (35 entries): 1. Bangor Packet, Tony Parker, Washington, 12.75 (1-4-8); 2. Dream Girl, Russ Potee, Arnold, 14.75 (4-1-10); 3. Riff Raff, Fitzgerald/Vosbury, Annapolis/Crownsville, 15 (6-3-6); 4. Spot, Steve & Margaret Podlich, Annapolis, 20 (9-7-4); 5. AJ, David Scheidt, Edgewater, 21.75 (2-19-1); 6. Price of Eggs, Al Goldin, Churchton, 22 (11-9-2).

Pearson 30 (7 entries): 1. Vahevala, David Sharp, Edgewater, 5.5 (1-1-4); 2. Severn Run, Norm Baldwin, Annapolis, 6 (2-2-2); 3. Andiamo, Edgar Paglee, Annapolis, 12 (3-4-5).