The hits just kept coming in a record-breaking game Key play


PHILADELPHIA -- Trying to pick a key play in a game that ends 15-14 is like asking a boxer in the 15th round, "Which punch hurt the most, until now?"

In the wildest, most bizarre scoring spree in World Series history, only the game-winning hit can qualify as the biggest of the game. It was a two-out, two-run triple by Devon White in the eighth inning that enabled the Toronto Blue Jays to overcome what once was a five-run deficit to win Game 4 and take a 3-1 lead in the World Series.

Rickey Henderson set the table for White with a two-run single immediately before White connected off Phillies reliever Mitch Williams.

Those two hits highlighted a sixth-run eighth inning by the defending World Series champions, and the one by White was the clincher.

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