Racquetball club adds fitness center with aerobics

Leisure Racquetball Club in Westminster has added a 1,600-square-foot fitness center, with aerobics, weight machines and treadmills.

"It's not like the old spa [Leisure Health Spa next door] that closed up a few years ago," said Kathy Cornell, who has managed the racquetball facility, on Route 27 at Hahn Road, for 12 years. "A lot of people have been confused about that."


Ms. Cornell and her husband, Joseph, bought the racquetball club from Charles H. Winterstein in February 1992.

Ms. Cornell said she decided to open the fitness center -- which is the size of two racquetball courts -- in August to serve the growing needs of her 800 members.


Members who wanted a more extensive workout program would belong to Leisure and another health club, she said. Others were considering leaving Leisure when racquetball became too strenuous a sport.

"In my 14 years of experience in racquetball, as members get older, they can't play as much as they'd like to," Ms. Cornell said. "I know I can't.

"They [older members] need a more extensive program to stay fit."

Four types of memberships are available, she said. Basic members pay an initiation fee and hourly rates to use the racquetball courts; court members pay the entrance fee and a monthly rate for unlimited use of the courts.