Public defender moves to new post in Howard


Assistant Public Defender W. Samuel Truette left the Carroll County office Monday to begin taking cases in Howard County.

According to lawyers in the Carroll public defender's office, the decision to leave Carroll was Mr. Truette's.

Mr. Truette, a one-time head of the Carroll County Narcotics Task Force, has been a public defender since 1990, when he left the Carroll State's Attorney's Office. In his tenure as a Carroll public defender, he represented many people who had been charged by the drug task force.

Public defenders in both Carroll and Howard counties report to the same supervisor, District Public Defender Carroll Hanson, who could not be reached for comment on Mr. Truette's transfer. Mr. Truette and his immediate supervisor, Carroll Public Defender Barbara Kreinar, also could not be reached.

In perhaps his most high-profile case as a public defender, Mr. Truette joined Ms. Hanson in the defense of Rodney Eugene Solomon, the 27-year-old Washington man convicted this summer in the carjacking death of Pam Basu.

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