23 from Carroll win awards in Senior Olympics CARROLL COUNTY SENIORS


Below are Carroll County's top finishers in the state Senior Olympics at Towson State University.

* Diane T. Perry (age 55-59): gold in badminton singles; silver in standing long jump, 100-meter --, long jump, discus, shot put; bronze in one-mile walk.

* Patricia Hicks (55-59): bronze in golf, fifth in tenpin bowling.

* Jane Rogers (55-59): gold in volleyball.

* Eva Thompson (60-64): gold in archery (compound fingers).

* Gloria Bortell (60-64): silver in volleyball.

* Mary Sanders (60-64): gold in archery.

* Joyce Thomas (60-64): bronze in 1500-meter race walk.

* Evelyn Bishop (65-69): silver in volleyball.

* Margaret Allick (65-69): bronze in horseshoes.

* Frances Hueg: (70-74): fifth place in tenpin bowling.

* Julia Satterthwaite (75-79): fourth place in golf.

* Theodore Lawson (55-59): silver in volleyball; fourth in softball.

* Barney Cable (55-59): gold in basketball (3-on-3).

* Paul Wenzel (55-59): silver in archery (compound fingers).

* Donald Joy (60-64): gold in discus and shot put; silver in softball and one-mile recreational walk.

* Norman Marceron (60-64): gold in archery (compound release); fourth in cycling (5,000 meters); fifth in cycling (10,000 meters).

* Alfred Thompson (60-64): gold in archery (compound figures).

* Paul Chalson: (65-69): silver in basketball (foul shooting), fourth in table tennis.

* Edward Bracken (65-69): silver in billiards.

* Otto Seraphin (70-74): gold in softball.

* Francis Cowan (75-79): gold in 400-meter dash; silver in long jump and 100-meter dash ; bronze in one-mile recreational walk.

* William Douglas Bishop (75-79): bronze in volleyball.

* Vernon Faid (85-89): gold in 100-meter dash.

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