Hampstead council OKs 4-way stop Residents applaud the 4-1 decision


About 45 Hampstead residents applauded a Town Council decision last night to make the intersection of Fairmount Road, McAllister Lane and Popes Creek Drive a full four-way stop.

The stop line for westbound traffic on Fairmount Road will also be moved back from the middle of the intersection.

The council voted 4-1 to make the change. Councilman Arthur Moler voted against it.

"I think we're taking too drastic an action as a first pass at the problem," Mr. Moler said.

He also said forcing cars to stop on Fairmount Road would cause traffic backups.

But resident Marc Weinstein said the safety of children was more important: "Let the . . . traffic back up."

Resident John Albert of Fairmount Road presented the council with a petition he said contained 70 signatures of residents who wanted the town to improve safety at the intersection and to quiet the sound of squealing tires.

The council's action followed a recommendation by traffic engineer Mike Miyamoto of KCI Technologies. Mr. Miyamoto recommended a four-way stop as the way to maximize safety.

Currently, eastbound traffic on Fairmount Road does not have a stop sign. Westbound traffic on Fairmount Road can make a right turn without stopping.

Also last night, the council approved the formal reappointment of Town Manager John A. Riley.

Mr. Riley resigned his seat on the Manchester Town Council last week, after a controversy over whether the Maryland constitution would allow him to hold both posts.

Hampstead Mayor Clint Becker read a statement saying Mr. Riley had received legal opinions that he could hold both positions.

However, he said, the matter could be settled finally only through litigation, which would be "expensive, protracted and distracting to all involved."

"To avoid any issue being raised in the future as to Mr. Riley's position of town manager in Hampstead, I have reappointed and affirmed his prior appointment as town manager in Hampstead to serve until June 30, 1994, or until his successor has been appointed," Mayor Becker said.

The council approved the move unanimously.

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