When it comes to wagering, it's a zoo out there

PHILADELPHIA — PHILADELPHIA -- Forget your cheese-steaks-for-a-case-of-Labatts deals.

The zoos of Philadelphia and Toronto are betting wild things on the outcome of the World Series.


Should the Blue Jays win, the Philadelphia Zoo will send two white lion cubs to the Metro Toronto Zoo.

And a Phillies victory would put a Philadelphia postmark on a pair of young Tasmanian devils.


"I have no doubt whatsoever that those devils will be coming south," Philadelphia Zoo spokeswoman Antoinette Maciolek said.

Neither the lions nor the meat-eating marsupials have been born yet, but their mothers are showing. The plan is to lend the rare animals.

White lions are found only in the Timavati Game Reserve in

Africa. The Philadelphia Zoo was the first in America to acquire the ones currently on exhibit.

The Tasmanian devil is the largest of the marsupial carnivores. The animal is native to Australia.