Angelos may have decision on Hemond tomorrow Final decision 'in the works,' O's owner says


New Orioles managing general partner Peter G. Angelos met with general manager Roland Hemond on Saturday and indicated yesterday that he may have an announcement on Hemond's status tomorrow.

Angelos, whose timetable for making several front-office decisions has been set back by a weeklong illness, is expected to keep Hemond in his capacity through the 1994 season, but he is not ready to make a final decision.

"It's in the works," Angelos said yesterday from his Baltimore home. "Right now, it's still in the discussion stages. I may have something officially to say on Tuesday."

He also appears close to announcing his decision to retain manager Johnny Oates, whose contract would expire Oct. 31 if the Orioles do not exercise an option on the 1994 season.

Hemond and Oates are the most visible of a group of front-office employees who have been in limbo since Angelos completed the purchase of the Orioles two weeks ago. The club has been trying to transact its off-season business as usual, but the doubt surrounding the makeup of the front office could become a handicap if it lingers into November.

Angelos indicated when he acquired a controlling interest in the club that he wanted to make a quick evaluation of club operations before making any important decisions. His transition team has been working in the front office for much of the past two weeks, but Angelos' role in the transition has been inhibited by the laryngitis that kept him incommunicado for the past seven days.

The status of Oates probably will be a hot topic of discussion during the next few days. Angelos said yesterday that he hoped to meet face-to-face with Oates early this week, but a meeting has not been scheduled.

Oates remains at his home in Colonial Heights, Va. He was named American League Manager of the Year last week in a vote of his peers, which adds to the likelihood that the club will exercise its option on his contract.

The Orioles hold a series of three options on Oates' contract. Angelos appears to be leaning heavily toward retaining Oates for the 1994 season, but it remains in doubt whether he would guarantee more than the one year.

The decision on Oates has to be made before the club decides on the status of the rest of the coaching staff. The club is expected to keep the staff largely intact, though there is the

possibility of a couple of changes.

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